Download custom emoji's from Mastodon or Pleroma instances.
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Build Status

Do you ever thought: "Oh, this instance have nice emoji's, I want them too."? Then just use this script to download them.

Inspired by emoji-stealer

Note: I'm still learning, so if you find weird stuff in my code, please inform me about it and/or tell me how I can inprove it. I'm happy about any input :)


"Uhhh, why so much more dependencies?" you might think, so let me explain: The previous version depended on lua-requests, which has 5 dependencies on it's own, of which two were not even needed for this script. So we're at the same dependency level as before, but this time all dependencies are used. I could remove the argparse dependenciy and write my own short version, but...laziness. ;)


Method one

  • Download and install using the rockspec directly from the repository: sudo luarocks install
  • The script should be installed in /usr/local/bin/, so you can use it like this: emoji-downloader domain.tld
  • You can also use the --local option, if you don't want to install it global. If you do so, the script is install in ~/.luarocks/ and you have to use the full path to use it

Method two

  • Clone this git
  • Change into the cloned folder
  • Install dependencies:
luarocks init
luarocks init --reset
luarocks build --only-deps
  • After the installation is complete you can run it like this: ./lua emoji-downloader.lua domain.tld


If installed directly with luarocks use it like this:

Usage: emoji-downloader [-a <apipath>] [-c <concurrent>] [-d <dir>]
       [-v] [-h] <url>

Download emojis from mastodon or pleroma instances

   url                   The URL of the instance, from where you want to download the emoji's

          -a <apipath>,  Define the custom emoji api path (default: /api/v1/custom_emojis)
   --apipath <apipath>
             -c <concurrent>,
   --concurrent <concurrent>
                         Concurrent downloads
      -d <dir>,          Define the directory where the downloaded emoji's are stored (default: /tmp/)
   --dir <dir>
   -v, --verbose         Shows a message per downloaded emoji
   -h, --help            Show this help message and exit.

If you cloned this repository and installed only the dependencies with luarocks, you can use it the same way as described above, but with .lua file extension at the end:

lua emoji-downloader.lua domain.tld


1.0-0 (2019-02-20)

  • rewrote most of the stuff
  • concurrent download of emoji's (default 5 at once)
  • Changed license from WTFPL to Unlicense

scm-0 (2018-10-19)

  • first version

Works with