Fixed version of prosody module mod_register_redirect
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Sebastian Hübner e2179e1845 Update 4 years ago Update 4 years ago
mod_register_redirect.lua Initial commit: added fixed version of mod_register_redirect, which is running with prosody >=0.10 5 years ago
prosody-modules.readme Rename README.markdown to prosody-modules.readme 5 years ago

You can now use the module from Prosody community-modules because they fixed it:


I publish the fixed version of mod_register_redirect (which is working with Prosody >=0.10) on github, because I don't know how I can commit changes to the prosody-modules repository, because of the lack of documentation about it.

Change in this version

I only changed line 9 from

local cman = configmanager


local cman = require "core.configmanager"

(and a type in README.markdown ;-) )