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Kim Alvefur d5de831d8f mod_bookmarks2: Use max_items='max' on trunk, with fallback 1 day ago
misc misc/munin/prosody_: Add a total_s2s counter to work with mod_statistics_statsman 2 years ago
mod_addressing Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_adhoc_account_management mod_adhoc_account_management: Reduce indentation of one in the main function. 3 years ago
mod_adhoc_blacklist mod_adhoc_blacklist/README: Hint at how to find the command 6 years ago
mod_adhoc_dataforms_demo mod_adhoc_dataforms_demo: Add compat with 0.11 (vs trunk api change) 5 months ago
mod_adhoc_groups mod_adhoc_groups: Fix check for error on group creation 1 year ago
mod_adhoc_oauth2_client mod_adhoc_oauth2_client: Fix including final client_id in result form 11 months ago
mod_admin_blocklist mod_admin_blocklist/README: Turns out autolink.lua doesn't know about official modules 5 years ago
mod_admin_message Many modules: Simplify st.message(…):tag("body"):text(…):up() into st.message(…, …) 4 years ago
mod_admin_notify mod_admin_notify: Fix traceback when no admins listed in config 11 months ago
mod_admin_probe mod_admin_probe: Add README 6 years ago
mod_admin_web mod_admin_web: Add a title for mod_http_index 1 year ago
mod_alias Many modules: Simplify st.message(…):tag("body"):text(…):up() into st.message(…, …) 4 years ago
mod_atom mod_atom/README: Add some text about where to look for the atom feed 3 years ago
mod_auth_any mod_auth_any: Merged into Prosody as mod_auth_insecure 2 years ago
mod_auth_ccert mod_auth_ccert/README: Add certificate purpose conifg to example 9 months ago
mod_auth_custom_http mod_auth_custom_http: Unlock globals while loading socket.http 2 years ago
mod_auth_cyrus mod_auth_cyrus: Import from Prosody rev 8f1e7fd55e7b 4 days ago
mod_auth_dovecot mod_auth_dovecot: Update example dovecot config 3 years ago
mod_auth_external_insecure mod_auth_external_insecure: Wrap warning in scary div 5 months ago
mod_auth_ha1 Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_auth_http mod_auth_http: Format README better 4 months ago
mod_auth_http_async mod_auth_http_async: Allow LuaSocket to pollute the global scope (fixes #1033) 4 years ago
mod_auth_http_cookie mod_auth_http_cookie: Also try to get HTTP request from WebSocket session 3 years ago
mod_auth_imap mod_auth_imap: send CRLF instead LF, in order to be compliant with RFC3501 2 years ago
mod_auth_internal_yubikey Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_auth_joomla Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_auth_ldap mod_auth_ldap: Mark as Merged into Prosody 3 days ago
mod_auth_ldap2 mod_auth_ldap, mod_auth_ldap2: Ensure is_admin() checks of remote JIDs never return positive 2 years ago
mod_auth_oauthbearer mod_auth_oauthbearer: expand intro to mention when/how you'd use this 3 years ago
mod_auth_pam mod_auth_pam: Document dependencies 5 years ago
mod_auth_phpbb3 mod_auth_phpbb3: Add support for verifying bcrypt hashes (thanks bios) 6 years ago
mod_auth_sql Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_auth_token auth_token: Various updates, see below. 2 years ago
mod_auth_wordpress Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_auto156 mod_auto156: Include the containing object in command output 4 months ago
mod_auto_accept_subscriptions mod_auto_accept_subscriptions: Fix typo in variable name, which would prevent subscription request being sent to contact (thanks Andrey) 6 years ago
mod_auto_activate_hosts mod_auto_activate_hosts: Import hostmanager (thanks mt) 6 years ago
mod_auto_answer_disco_info mod_auto_answer_disco_info: Fix to use event that is fired 4 months ago
mod_auto_moved mod_auto_moved: Fix README rendering 1 month ago
mod_aws_profile mod_aws_profile: New module for role-based access to AWS APIs 2 years ago
mod_benchmark_storage mod_benchmark_storage: Switch to an invalid host and inject a stub host object 5 years ago
mod_bidi mod_bidi: Recommend switching to native module on Prosody trunk 2 years ago
mod_block_outgoing Add documentation for mod_block_outgoing 5 years ago
mod_block_registrations mod_block_registrations: fix example regex 5 years ago
mod_block_s2s_subscriptions mod_block_s2s_subscriptions: New module to block incoming presence subscriptions from non-contacts on selected remote hosts 9 years ago
mod_block_strangers mod_block_strangers: Allow stanza from self (fixes #966, thanks Sergey Popov) 3 years ago
mod_block_subscribes mod_block_subscribes: Block inbound and outbound subscription requests (useful to prevent implicit roster modification) 9 years ago
mod_block_subscriptions mod_block_subscriptions: Block incoming and outgoing presence subscriptions (useful in conjunction with mod_readonly) 9 years ago
mod_blocking mod_blocking: Update to set id attribute on iq stanza 3 years ago
mod_bob mod_bob: Add dependency metadata 12 months ago
mod_bookmarks mod_bookmarks: Deprecate this module 3 months ago
mod_bookmarks2 mod_bookmarks2: Use max_items='max' on trunk, with fallback 1 day ago
mod_broadcast Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_c2s_conn_throttle Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_c2s_limit_sessions README files: Fix typos 4 years ago
mod_cache_c2s_caps mod_cache_c2s_caps: log full JID on all relevant code paths 10 months ago
mod_captcha_registration mod_captcha_registration: Add ::1 to the default registration_whitelist. 4 years ago
mod_carbons Mark some modules as Merged 2 years ago
mod_carbons_adhoc mod_carbons_adhoc: Remove unused (later shadowed) local variable 2 years ago
mod_carbons_copies all the things: Remove trailing whitespace 8 years ago
mod_checkcerts mod_checkcerts: Notify both host-local and global admins 4 months ago
mod_client_certs mod_client_certs: do not crash on plain sockets 3 years ago
mod_client_proxy mod_client_proxy: Fix typo in readme 10 months ago
mod_cloud_notify mod_cloud_notify: Fix traceback for clients without a stable client_id 3 days ago
mod_cloud_notify_encrypted mod_cloud_notify: Reverse dependencies 4 days ago
mod_cloud_notify_extensions mod_cloud_notify_extensions: Add depends metadata for plugin installer 7 days ago
mod_cloud_notify_filters mod_cloud_notify: Reverse dependencies 4 days ago
mod_cloud_notify_priority_tag mod_cloud_notify_priority_tag: Fix summary (thanks Zash) 4 days ago
mod_compact_resource mod_compact_resource: Enforces short random resources 6 years ago
mod_compat_bind mod_compat_bind: Use non-deprecated way to access core_process_stanza (thanks Roi) 5 years ago
mod_compat_dialback mod_compat_dialback: Use correct API for hooking events (Thanks sol, Lance) 6 years ago
mod_compat_muc_admin mod_compat_muc_admin: Not compatible with 0.9.x 5 years ago
mod_compat_vcard mod_compat_vcard: Fix traceback from probably empty stanzas (Thanks Biszkopcik) 8 years ago
mod_compliance_2021 mod_compliance_2021: Add mod_turn_external as satisfying A/V category 4 months ago
mod_component_client Add some documentation stubs 5 years ago
mod_component_http mod_component_http: Fix parameter order, see Prosody trunk e2919978673e for more info 4 years ago
mod_component_roundrobin Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_compression_unsafe mod_compression_unsafe: Fix logic bug in previous commit 4 years ago
mod_conformance_restricted Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_conversejs mod_conversejs: Add dependency on mod_bookmarks [rockspec] 3 months ago
mod_couchdb Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_csi mod_csi: Update README 3 years ago
mod_csi_battery_saver mod_csi_battery_saver: Ignore CSI actions before resource bind 1 year ago
mod_csi_compat mod_admin_web,mod_carbons,mod_csi_compat,mod_mam_muc,mod_tcpproxy: Explicitly return true 6 years ago
mod_csi_grace_period mod_csi_grace_period: Report reason for importance decision 1 year ago
mod_csi_muc_priorities mod_csi_muc_priorities: Report reason for importance decision 1 year ago
mod_csi_simple_compat mod_csi_simple_compat: Module for Prosody 0.11 that adds a setting available from Prosody 0.12 1 year ago
mod_data_access mod_data_access: Fix typo in comment [codespell] 4 years ago
mod_debug_omemo mod_debug_omemo: Use archive single message retrieval method 1 month ago
mod_debug_traceback mod_debug_traceback: Fix global lookup warning on 0.11.x 1 year ago
mod_default_bookmarks mod_default_bookmarks: Add support for <password/>. 3 years ago
mod_default_vcard Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_delegation mod_delegation: update to XEP-0355 v0.5 6 days ago
mod_deny_omemo mod_deny_omemo: Prevents publishing and retreival of OMEMO PEP nodes 3 years ago
mod_devices mod_devices: New module for device identification 3 years ago
mod_disable_tls Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_discodot mod_discodot: Print a graph of service discovery 5 months ago
mod_discoitems Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_dwd mod_dwd/README: Fix compatibility table 6 years ago
mod_e2e_policy mod_e2e_policy: Fix an error with getting stanza from event 3 years ago
mod_easy_invite mod_easy_invite: Highlight deprecation notice 1 year ago
mod_email mod_email: Allow sender to override content-type 2 years ago
mod_email_pass Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_extdisco mod_extdisco, mod_turncredentials: Note incompatibility in readmes. 1 year ago
mod_external_services mod_external_services: Factor out public function for converting to XML 2 months ago
mod_fallback_vcard mod_fallback_vcard: Generates missing vcards from a template 6 years ago
mod_file_management mod_upload_file_management: Add this new module, for now only listing files uploaded by a user as an admin. 2 years ago
mod_filter_chatstates mod_filter_chatstates: Link to mod_csi 6 years ago
mod_filter_words mod_filter_words: Very basic module in its early stages, to filter words in messages 5 years ago
mod_firewall mod_firewall: Remove reliance on full_sessions being a global 4 months ago
mod_flash_policy README files: Fix typos 4 years ago
mod_graceful_shutdown Various READMEs: s/eg/e.g.g/ 4 years ago
mod_group_bookmarks mod_group_bookmarks: Remove unused requires. 3 years ago
mod_groups_internal mod_groups_internal: Remove deleted user from groups 1 week ago
mod_groups_migration mod_groups_migration: make default group name configurable 9 months ago
mod_groups_muc_bookmarks mod_groups_muc_bookmarks: handle removal of accounts without bookmarks 4 months ago
mod_groups_shell mod_groups_shell: add an admin shell command for updating bookmarks 9 months ago
mod_host_blacklist mod_host_blacklist: Bigger fix: return true to block original stanza (thanks Zash) 8 years ago
mod_host_guard Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_host_status_check mod_host_status_check/README: Linkify module names 5 years ago
mod_host_status_heartbeat mod_host_status_heartbeat/README: Correct module name 5 years ago
mod_http_admin_api mod_http_admin_api: Include client info in push registration debug output 4 days ago
mod_http_altconnect mod_http_altconnect: Handle connection modules being global or host-local 2 years ago
mod_http_auth_check Fix http_auth_check example in README 3 years ago
mod_http_authentication mod_http_authentication: Allow HTTP error events to pass through (fixes #1293) 3 years ago
mod_http_avatar mod_http_avatar: Announce 0.11 works 3 years ago
mod_http_dir_listing Various README files: Correct indentation levels, fix syntax and other small fixes 6 years ago
mod_http_dir_listing2 mod_http_dir_listing2: Add README based the one from mod_http_dir_listing 4 years ago
mod_http_favicon Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_http_host_status_check mod_http_host_status_check: Add list of failing hosts to the first line for summary 4 years ago
mod_http_hostaliases mod_http_hostaliases: Give HTTP hosts additional aliases 5 years ago
mod_http_index mod_http_index: Remove unused CSS class 1 year ago
mod_http_libjs mod_http_libjs: Check that the path to serve exists 4 months ago
mod_http_logging mod_http_logging: Fix typo [luacheck] 4 years ago
mod_http_muc_kick mod_http_muc_kick: Missing local keyword 2 months ago
mod_http_muc_log mod_http_muc_log: Sort rooms with a description before those without 1 month ago
mod_http_oauth2 mod_http_oauth2: Gracefully handle cache write failure 2 months ago
mod_http_pep_avatar mod_http_pep_avatar: Fix name of module in example 4 months ago
mod_http_prebind mod_http_prebind: Stop hardcoding test domain 1 year ago
mod_http_rest New module: mod_http_rest.lua 5 years ago
mod_http_roster_admin mod_http_roster_admin: Add explicit dependency on mod_http 3 years ago
mod_http_stats_stream Add note of incompatibility with trunk since 5f15ab7c6ae5 4 months ago
mod_http_upload mod_http_upload: Prevent the module from starting without TLS 2 months ago
mod_http_upload_external Fix mentions of 'Content-Size' (should be Content-Length) (thanks Roobre) 6 months ago
mod_http_user_count mod_http_user_count: Support for host and MUC session counts 6 years ago
mod_idlecompat mod_idlecompat: Reference the correct XEP (256, not 12) and drop a redundant check 6 years ago
mod_ignore_host_chatstates mod_ignore_host_chatstates: Add a stub README 2 years ago
mod_incidents_handling Various README files: Correct indentation levels, fix syntax and other small fixes 6 years ago
mod_inject_ecaps2 mod_inject_ecaps2: Add a compatibility table. 3 years ago
mod_inotify_reload mod_inotify_reload: Add debug logging 9 years ago
mod_invite mod_invite: Add deprecation note and tag 1 year ago
mod_invites mod_invites: add extensive help message 9 months ago
mod_invites_adhoc mod_invites_adhoc/README: Fix table 4 months ago
mod_invites_api mod_invites*: Link to each other 1 year ago
mod_invites_groups mod_invites_groups: factor group handling out of mod_invites_register 9 months ago
mod_invites_page mod_invites_page: Some fixes for external-only mode 9 months ago
mod_invites_register mod_invites_register: advertise new stream feature from XEP-0445 1 month ago
mod_invites_register_api mod_invites_register_api: Handle password resets 9 months ago
mod_invites_register_web mod_invites*: Also link to mod_invites_api 1 year ago
mod_invites_tracking mod_invites_tracking: simple module to store who created an invite 9 months ago
mod_ipcheck mod_ipcheck: Simplify iq handling by hooking on iq-get/ instead of iq/. 3 years ago
mod_isolate_host Various README files: Correct indentation levels, fix syntax and other small fixes 6 years ago
mod_jid_prep mod_jid_prep: Update the README to point to XEP-0328. 2 years ago
mod_json_streams Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_lastlog mod_lastlog: Split Values into Type/Default. (documentation) 3 years ago
mod_lastlog2 mod_lastlog2: Fix reporting of IP address (thanks Ge0rG) 1 year ago
mod_latex Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_lib_ldap mod_lib_ldap: assert() connection for hopefully better error reporting (thanks adac) 3 years ago
mod_limit_auth Update READMEs to indicate that async requires trunk (dropped from prosody 0.10) 6 years ago
mod_limits mod_limits: log throttled JID 3 years ago
mod_limits_exception mod_limits_exception: New module to except some JIDs from rate limiting 5 months ago
mod_list_active mod_list_active: Actually invert condition (thanks Dan) 5 years ago
mod_list_inactive mod_list_inactive: report last action timestamp 2 years ago
mod_listusers Add some documentation stubs 5 years ago
mod_log_auth mod_log_auth: log hostname, too 2 years ago
mod_log_events mod_log_events: No such thing as module.remove_host. Fix this module so it can be loaded/unloaded dynamically and behave (mostly) correctly 6 years ago
mod_log_events_by_cpu_usage mod_log_events_by_cpu_usage: Log events where more than a certain amount of CPU time was spent 2 years ago
mod_log_events_by_memory mod_log_events_by_memory: Add link to post explaining different kinds of memory leaks 2 years ago
mod_log_http mod_log_http: Switch to line buffering (thanks Zash+Ge0rG) 10 months ago
mod_log_json mod_log_json: allow logging of formatted message 8 months ago
mod_log_mark mod_log_mark: Try to prevent timer drift 6 years ago
mod_log_messages_sql mod_log_messages_sql/README: Add pointer towards mod_mam + mod_readonly 3 years ago
mod_log_rate mod_log_rate: Fix to actually use module methods 5 years ago
mod_log_ringbuffer mod_log_ringbuffer: Add 'lines' option (actually an alternative ringbuffer implementation) 1 year ago
mod_log_sasl_mech mod_log_sasl_mech: Log SASL mechanism attached to session 8 years ago
mod_log_slow_events mod_log_slow_events: Add README 4 years ago
mod_mam mod_mam: Add flag to session when it performs a MAM query 2 years ago
mod_mam_adhoc Various README files: Correct indentation levels, fix syntax and other small fixes 6 years ago
mod_mam_archive mod_mam_archive: Use util.rsm (fixes #877, depends on recent 0.10+) 5 years ago
mod_mam_muc Mark some modules as Merged 2 years ago
mod_mamsub mod_mamsub: Prevent nil indexing if message is added to archive of an offline user 7 years ago
mod_manifesto Many modules: Simplify st.message(…):tag("body"):text(…):up() into st.message(…, …) 4 years ago
mod_map mod_map: Update example in README to reflect recent changes 2 years ago
mod_measure_client_features mod_measure_client_features: Add a module to count the features of each connected client 3 years ago
mod_measure_client_identities various/README: Add a Statistics label 3 years ago
mod_measure_client_presence various/README: Add a Statistics label 3 years ago
mod_measure_cpu mod_measure_cpu: Specify units of total CPU time as seconds 1 year ago
mod_measure_lua mod_measure_lua: Use gauge instead of counter for Lua version (thanks jonas’) 4 months ago
mod_measure_malloc mod_measure_malloc: port to most recent trunk statistics API 5 months ago
mod_measure_memory mod_measure_memory: Report that stats are in units of bytes 1 year ago
mod_measure_message_e2ee mod_measure_message_e2ee/README: Fix typo 1 year ago
mod_measure_message_length mod_measure_message_length: Use measure type that actually exists 3 years ago
mod_measure_muc mod_measure_muc: Collect statistics on Grout Chat 2 years ago
mod_measure_process mod_measure_process: Provide metrics about the process itself 6 months ago
mod_measure_registration mod_measure_registration: new module 2 years ago
mod_measure_stanza_counts mod_measure_stanza_counts: port to new metrics API 5 months ago
mod_measure_storage various/README: Add a Statistics label 3 years ago
mod_message_logging Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_migrate mod_migrate: Allow migrating data not attached to any user / nil user 9 months ago
mod_migrate_http_upload mod_bookmarks2: Use max_items='max' on trunk, with fallback 1 day ago
mod_minimix mod_minimix/README: Add TODO section 6 months ago
mod_motd_sequential mod_motd_sequential: Fix typo (fixes unintentional global access) 3 years ago
mod_muc_access_control mod_muc_access_control: Multiple fixes to make the module work (fixes #1086) 3 years ago
mod_muc_archive mod_muc_archive: Add fork of mod_muc_log that uses newer storage API 2 years ago
mod_muc_badge mod_muc_badge/README: Remove obsolete option 3 years ago
mod_muc_ban_ip mod_muc_ban_ip: Lua is not C, fix typo 9 months ago
mod_muc_batched_probe muc_batched_probe: don't return too quickly 1 year ago
mod_muc_block_pm mod_muc_block_pm: Don't respond to error stanzas 1 year ago
mod_muc_bot mod_muc_bot: Add Compatibility section to README 5 months ago
mod_muc_cloud_notify mod_muc_cloud_notify: Fix comparison between string and number in reference extraction. Fixes #1681. 2 months ago
mod_muc_config_restrict Various README files: Correct indentation levels, fix syntax and other small fixes 6 years ago
mod_muc_defaults mod_muc_defaults: handle case where affiliations are unset 9 months ago
mod_muc_dicebot mod_muc_dicebot: ignore messages without body 5 months ago
mod_muc_eventsource mod_muc_eventsource: validate node with nodeprep 4 years ago
mod_muc_gc10 mod_muc_gc10: Abort on Prosody 0.11 3 years ago
mod_muc_hats_adhoc mod_muc_hats_*/README: Linkify XEP references 2 years ago
mod_muc_hats_api mod_muc_hats_*/README: Linkify XEP references 2 years ago
mod_muc_hide_media mod_muc_hide_media: Also strip SIMS media 2 years ago
mod_muc_http_auth mod_muc_http_auth: Make sure query parameters are URL encoded 4 weeks ago
mod_muc_http_defaults mod_muc_http_defaults/README: Fix schema 8 months ago
mod_muc_inject_mentions Improve UX by providing defaults users expect 10 months ago
mod_muc_intercom mod_muc_intercom: Fix to use correct name for variable 3 years ago
mod_muc_lang mod_muc_lang: Abort on Prosody 0.11 which supports this natively (thanks Ge0rG) 3 years ago
mod_muc_limits mod_muc_limits: Add config option to limit to join stanzas only 2 years ago
mod_muc_local_only mod_muc_local_only: New module to restrict a list of MUCs to local users 1 year ago
mod_muc_log mod_muc_log/README: Update compatibility 3 years ago
mod_muc_log_http mod_muc_log_http: Remove links to the apparently dead Speeqe service 6 years ago
mod_muc_mam_hints mod_muc_mam_hints: Respect XEP-0334 hints in MUC messages 3 years ago
mod_muc_mam_markers muc_mam_markers: store chat markers in the Group Chat archives 3 years ago
mod_muc_markers mod_muc_markers: Don't skip archiving markable messages (thanks nicoco) 1 month ago
mod_muc_media_metadata mod_muc_media_metadata: Bootstrap warning box 1 year ago
mod_muc_mention_notifications mod_muc_mention_notifications: Add description in readme 10 months ago
mod_muc_moderation mod_muc_moderation: Improve error message to be more helpful 1 year ago
mod_muc_notifications mod_muc_notifications: adapt to MUC get_name() API changes 1 year ago
mod_muc_occupant_id mod_muc_occupant_id: remove Stage-Alpha label 1 year ago
mod_muc_offline_delivery mod_muc_deliver_offline: New module for delivery of MUC messages to offline users 9 months ago
mod_muc_ping mod_muc_ping: Advertise XEP-0410 feature 2 years ago
mod_muc_rai mod_statistics_statsd: Remove obsolete module, use the newer built-in statsd provider 6 months ago
mod_muc_require_tos mod_muc_require_tos: Generate a message id instead of hardcoding "foo" 1 month ago
mod_muc_restrict_nick mod_muc_restrict_nick: New module to restrict MUC occupant nicknames 4 months ago
mod_muc_restrict_rooms Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_muc_search mod_muc_search: Some changes predating version control 3 years ago
mod_muc_webchat_url mod_muc_webchat_url: Fix default url 2 years ago
mod_munin mod_munin: Port to new OpenMetrics based statistics module 6 months ago
mod_net_dovecotauth Various READMEs: s/eg/e.g.g/ 4 years ago
mod_net_proxy mod_net_proxy: Ensure port numbers are coerced into numbers 3 years ago
mod_nodeinfo2 Add note of incompatibility with trunk since 5f15ab7c6ae5 4 months ago
mod_nooffline_noerror mod_nooffline_noerror: Fix for missing log 2 years ago
mod_offline_email mod_offline_email: explicitly set charset to utf-8 to override mailclients default settings 1 year ago
mod_offline_hints offline_hints: discard no-store hinted messages at mod_offline 3 years ago
mod_ogp mod_ogp: Add the ability to block OGP fetching for certain domains 4 months ago
mod_omemo_all_access mod_omemo_all_access: Also not needed with Prosody 0.11 3 years ago
mod_onhold Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_onions mod_onions: Fix unqualified use of debug.traceback 4 years ago
mod_openid mod_openid/README: Convert raw HTML to emphasis 6 years ago
mod_password_policy mod_password_policy: Export function to get policy in use by the module 3 years ago
mod_password_reset mod_password_reset: Remove unused local [luacheck] 3 years ago
mod_pastebin mod_pastebin: Fix pasting when <body> is not the first tag (thanks thorsten) 3 weeks ago
mod_pep_vcard_avatar mod_pep_vcard_avatar: Update docs to point at mod_vcard_legacy 3 years ago
mod_pep_vcard_png_avatar mod_pep_vcard_png_avatar: Log error when used with new mod_pep, add compat with mod_pep_simple 3 years ago
mod_persisthosts mod_persisthosts/README: Fix formatting 5 years ago
mod_pinger mod_pinger: work around updates on stale sessions 3 years ago
mod_poke_strangers mod_poke_strangers: Create only one hook, re-use the UUIDs. 6 years ago
mod_post_msg mod_post_msg: Add sendxmpp-curl 7 months ago
mod_presence_cache mod_presence_cache: Fix traceback due to changes in trunk 2 years ago
mod_presence_dedup mod_presence_dedup: Remove unused variables [luacheck] 3 years ago
mod_privacy_lists mod_privacy_lists: Convert order to a string before using as attribute value (thanks ValdikSS) 4 years ago
mod_private_adhoc Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_privilege mod_privilege: fixed routing issue with message permission: 3 years ago
mod_proctitle mod_proctitle/README: Linkify URL 6 years ago
mod_profile mod_profile: Mark as Unmaintained 2 years ago
mod_prometheus mod_prometheus: Port to new OpenMetrics based statistics module 6 months ago
mod_proxy65_whitelist mod_proxy65_whitelist: Only add proxy hosts enabled after module is loaded if allow_local_streamhosts = true 5 years ago
mod_pubsub_alertmanager mod_pubsub_alertmanager: Include status booleans in template input 3 months ago
mod_pubsub_eventsource mod_pubsub_eventsource: Fix processing of newlines 7 months ago
mod_pubsub_feeds mod_pubsub_feeds: Translate RSS <enclosure> to Atom for podcasts 9 months ago
mod_pubsub_github mod_pubsub_github: Assume unspecified event is 'push' if there are commits in payload 3 years ago
mod_pubsub_hub mod_pubsub_hub: Use the correct MIME type for Atom feeds 3 years ago
mod_pubsub_mqtt mod_pubsub_mqtt/README: Fix quotes 3 years ago
mod_pubsub_pivotaltracker all the things: Remove trailing whitespace 8 years ago
mod_pubsub_post mod_pubsub_post: fix incorrect claim 3 months ago
mod_pubsub_stats Add tag 'Statistics' to some modules to ease discoverability 8 months ago
mod_pubsub_subscription mod_pubsub_subscription: New module providing an API for pubsub subscriptions 7 months ago
mod_pubsub_summary mod_pubsub_summary: Use pre-escaped UTF-8 sequence for compat 4 months ago
mod_pubsub_text_interface mod_pubsub_text_interface: Move quick response out of unknown command text 2 months ago
mod_pubsub_twitter Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_query_client_ver mod_query_client_ver: Add a README 4 years ago
mod_rawdebug mod_rawdebug: Simplify, remove telnet command, log every single byte 5 years ago
mod_readonly mod_readonly: Add a stub README 3 years ago
mod_register_apps mod_register_apps: Fix removal on unload (thanks ibikk) 1 month ago
mod_register_dnsbl mod_register_dnsbl: Handle missing session in user-registering event (thanks meaz) 1 year ago
mod_register_dnsbl_firewall_mark mod_register_dnsbl_firewall_mark: introduce optional registration_rbl_message with mod_welcome inspired syntax 1 year ago
mod_register_dnsbl_warn mod_register_dnsbl_*: fix DS legacy ipv4 addresses, thx Zash 2 years ago
mod_register_json mod_register_json/README: Add syntax hint 3 years ago
mod_register_oob_url mod_registration_oob_url: inital commit. simple/straight forward module to advertise oob registration url 4 years ago
mod_register_redirect mod_register_redirect: Update doc 4 years ago
mod_register_web mod_register_web: Add hCaptcha provider 8 months ago
mod_reload_components mod_reload_components: add new module and README file. 5 years ago
mod_reload_modules mod_reload_modules: Ignore removed hosts... 2 years ago
mod_reminders mod_reminders: add id to sent reminder 2 years ago
mod_remote_roster mod_remote_roster: Add README 6 years ago
mod_require_otr Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_rest mod_rest: Support returning multiple replies in an <xmpp> container 3 weeks ago
mod_roster_allinall Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_roster_command mod_roster_command: Fix subscription when the "user JID" is a bare domain. 10 months ago
mod_s2s_auth_compat Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_s2s_auth_dane mod_s2s_auth_dane: Fix traceback in DANE-TA check because unpack() moved 8 months ago
mod_s2s_auth_fingerprint mod_s2s_auth_fingerprint: Limit number of replacements instead of stripping extra separators 6 years ago
mod_s2s_auth_monkeysphere mod_s2s_auth_monkeysphere: Remove blocking mode (simplifes code) (not tested) 3 years ago
mod_s2s_auth_posh mod_s2s_auth_posh: Use unused loop variable for something [luacheck] 8 months ago
mod_s2s_auth_samecert mod_s2s_auth_samecert: Handle lack of provided client certificate 1 month ago
mod_s2s_blacklist mod_s2s_blacklist: Add a README 3 years ago
mod_s2s_idle_timeout Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_s2s_keepalive mod_s2s_keepalive: Ignore errors from the local server 3 months ago
mod_s2s_keysize_policy mod_s2s_keysize_policy: Lower log message to a warning since it is not really a fatal error 5 years ago
mod_s2s_log_certs README files: Fix typos 4 years ago
mod_s2s_never_encrypt_blacklist Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_s2s_reload_newcomponent mod_s2s_reload_newcomponent: Fix to use imported configmanager instead of global 4 years ago
mod_s2s_whitelist mod_s2s_whitelist: Add a README 3 years ago
mod_s2soutinjection mod_s2soutinjection: Set version 1.0 for outgoing streams (thanks moparisthebest) 5 months ago
mod_sasl2 mod_sasl2: Experimental implementation of XEP-0388 2 years ago
mod_sasl_oauthbearer mod_sasl_oauthbearer and mod_auth_oauthbearer 3 years ago
mod_saslauth_muc mod_saslauth_muc: Use correct API for getting rooms 3 years ago
mod_saslname mod_saslname: Declare module Stable since it does one simple thing very well 5 years ago
mod_seclabels mod_seclabels/README: Note that this only serves the catalogue, eg mod_firewall would be doing enforcement 5 years ago
mod_secure_interfaces mod_secure_interfaces: Prevent starttls on connections marked secure (fixes #1274) 3 years ago
mod_sentry mod_sentry: Include sentry.lib in luarock 11 months ago
mod_server_status Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_service_directories all the things: Remove trailing whitespace 8 years ago
mod_sift mod_sift/README: Mention the related XEP in the text so can pick it up 6 years ago
mod_slack_webhooks Back out 662423cea3f4 (non-standard buttons) 5 months ago
mod_smacks mod_smacks: Include username in offline event, mirroring Prosody 0.10+ 1 month ago
mod_smacks_noerror mod_smacks_noerror: This module is superseded by mod_smacks and mod_nooffline_noerror 2 years ago
mod_smacks_offline mod_smacks_offline: add readme 2 years ago
mod_sms_clickatell mod_password_reset: Improve error reporting when setting a password fails 3 years ago
mod_sms_free mod_sms_free: Mention that 0.11 will not work due to the absence of SNI support. 2 years ago
mod_spam_reporting mod_spam_reporting: Fallback string for missing 'reason' 2 months ago
mod_srvinjection Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_sslv3_warn mod_sslv3_warn: Module to notice users connected with SSLv3 that they need to upgrade becasue SSLv3 is insecure 7 years ago
mod_stanza_counter Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_stanzadebug mod_stanzadebug: Like mod_rawdebug but stanzas instead of the raw bytes 5 years ago
mod_statistics mod_statistics: Fix incorrect parameters to envload (thanks Dan) 3 years ago
mod_statistics_auth mod_statistics_auth: Remove comments left from module this was based on 7 years ago
mod_statistics_cputotal mod_statistics_cputotal: Make global 8 years ago
mod_statistics_mem mod_statistics_mem: Module that collects memory usage stats from /proc 8 years ago
mod_statistics_statsman Add note of incompatibility with trunk since 5f15ab7c6ae5 4 months ago
mod_stats39 Add note of incompatibility with trunk since 5f15ab7c6ae5 4 months ago
mod_statsd mod_statsd: Fix typo in comment [codespell] 4 years ago
mod_storage_appendmap Various READMEs: s/eg/e.g.g/ 4 years ago
mod_storage_ejabberdsql_readonly mod_storage_ejabberd_readonly: Fix the key for the private store, it’s node:namespace but just namespace in Ejabberd 5 years ago
mod_storage_gdbm mod_storage_gdbm: Refactor for readability (bye single-char variable names) 6 years ago
mod_storage_ldap mod_storage_ldap: Handle being passed an explicit storage "type" (fixes #654) 5 years ago
mod_storage_lmdb mod_storage_lmdb: Remove debugging 6 years ago
mod_storage_memory mod_storage_memory: Also merged into core 2 years ago
mod_storage_mongodb Various README files: Correct indentation levels, fix syntax and other small fixes 6 years ago
mod_storage_muc_log mod_storage_muc_log: Remove unused variable [luacheck] 3 years ago
mod_storage_muconference_readonly mod_storage_muconference_readonly: Use the correct store name, and add description. 5 years ago
mod_storage_multi mod_storage_multi: Put in Alpha stage 6 years ago
mod_storage_xmlarchive mod_storage_xmlarchive: Stop exporting XEP-0091 timestamp in conversion 2 months ago
mod_streamstats mod_streamstats: Switch to portmanager and other 0.9 goodness 9 years ago
mod_strict_https Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_support_contact mod_support_contact/README: Update compatibility section 6 years ago
mod_support_room mod_support_room: Module that invites newly registered users to a room 3 years ago
mod_swedishchef mod_swedishchef: Fix logging and traceback uncovered by util.format (thanks Kafkei) 4 years ago
mod_tcpproxy mod_admin_web,mod_carbons,mod_csi_compat,mod_mam_muc,mod_tcpproxy: Explicitly return true 6 years ago
mod_telnet_tlsinfo mod_telnet_tlsinfo: Mark as obsolete since this is included in mod_admin_telnet 2 years ago
mod_test_data mod_test_data: New module to generate test data in Prosody's data store 3 years ago
mod_throttle_presence mod_throttle_presence: Switch if-else statement around to improve readability 6 years ago
mod_throttle_unsolicited various: Add some dependency metadata 1 year ago
mod_tls_policy mod_tls_policy: Switch method of checking for TLS-encrypted connection 1 month ago
mod_tlsfail mod_tlsfail/README: Fix header 3 weeks ago
mod_tos mod_tos: Initial draft 2 months ago
mod_traceback mod_traceback: Add a brief README 4 years ago
mod_track_muc_joins mod_track_muc_joins/README: Mention how the 210 status code for when the room rewrites the users nickname is not yet handled 5 years ago
mod_turncredentials mod_turncredentials/README: Link to eturnal (thanks Holger) 1 year ago
mod_tweet_data mod_tweet_data: Return when no tweet data returned 3 weeks ago
mod_twitter Many modules: Simplify st.message(…):tag("body"):text(…):up() into st.message(…, …) 4 years ago
mod_uptime_presence Convert all wiki pages to Markdown 6 years ago
mod_vcard_command mod_vcard_command: Tweak to not rely on legacy module() behavior 3 years ago
mod_vcard_muc mod_vcard_muc: Pass room object around instead of JID, hopefully fixing traceback 10 months ago
mod_vjud README files: Fix typos 4 years ago
mod_warn_legacy_tls mod_warn_legacy_tls: Log debug message for acceptable TLS versions 2 years ago
mod_watch_spam_reports mod_watch_spam_reports: Support for fetching admins from authz provider 2 months ago
mod_watchuntrusted mod_watchuntrusted: Add option to ignore domains 3 years ago
mod_webpresence mod_webpresence: Fixed README (working status and TODO) 4 years ago
mod_welcome_page mod_welcome_page: Add dependency on mod_http_libjs 4 months ago
mod_xhtmlim mod_xhtmlim: Default to stripping @style attribute by default 2 years ago
.hgtags Tag last commit available on Google Code for future reference 6 years ago
.luacheckrc mod_rest: Initial commit of another RESTful API module 2 years ago
CONTRIBUTING CONTRIBUTING: Run through pandoc to normalize markdown syntax 6 years ago
COPYING Add a COPYING file containing the MIT license 7 years ago
README README: Remove text about 0.8 compatibility repo 4 years ago



*Add-on modules for Prosody IM Server*


Community repository for non-core, unofficial and/or experimental plugins
for [Prosody][].

If you are a developer and would like to host your Prosody module in this
repository, or want to contribute to existing modules, simply introduce
yourself and request commit access on our [mailing list][].

Notes for users

There are lots of fun and exciting modules to be found here, we know
you'll like it. However please note that each module is in a different
state of development. Some are proof-of-concept, others are quite stable
and ready for production use. Be sure to read the wiki page of any
module before installing it on your server.

We are working on methods to easily download and install modules from
this repository. In the meantime most modules are either a single file
and easy to install, or contain installation instructions on their wiki
page. You can browse the files stored in this repository at

[mailing list]: