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# Verse

Verse is an XMPP library for Lua. It allows you to connect to an XMPP server, as
either a client or a component. It also supports connecting over HTTP (BOSH).

Currently Verse supports Lua 5.1 and LuaJIT, though support for later versions of
Lua is planned (contributions welcome).

Verse shares some of its underlying code with the Prosody XMPP server. To avoid
duplication, the shared files are not part of the Verse project, but are available
in Prosody's source repository, and are bundled with official Verse releases.

## Features

- Standard XMPP, including SRV and TLS support
- Roster management
- Service discovery
- Stream management (XEP-0198)
- Ad-hoc commands
- Jingle (peer-to-peer TCP and file transfer)
- File transfer proxies
- Message receipts
- Pubsub
- Message archive management
- Many more...

## Dependencies

Verse requires:

- LuaSocket
- LuaExpat
- LuaSec

All these libraries are available for Windows, OS X, many popular Linux distributions, and
also via LuaRocks.

## Building

To generate a self-contained verse.lua:


The configure script will take a guess at the best place to install verse.lua. To install:

make install # (may require root, e.g. sudo)

If you fetched Verse from its source repository, some files will automatically be fetched
from Prosody's repository the first time you run 'make'. Official Verse releases already
include these files.

## Documentation

See doc/ for a number of example scripts.