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Merge pull request #2 from zabbix-deb/copyright-format 11 months ago
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update to 2021 11 months ago
Sebastian 2f3e8af2df
Some changes: 12 months ago
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Removed reference grundic/zabbix-disk-performance 12 months ago
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added README.md 3 years ago
Christoph Hueffelmann facd7dfd23 zabbix-check-disk-performance (0.1~dev4) New zabbix-check-disk-performance.xml, Fix dpkg-old, Add lisens 5 years ago
Sebastian dbb4bd0772 zabbix-check-disk-performance: change dm regex and can so remove the split('dm-name-') 5 years ago
Christoph Hueffelmann 124db37f21 zabbix-check-disk-performance (0.1~dev3) * zabbix-check-disk-performance: python version * fix: xml and build system 5 years ago
Sebastian 236bd0fc80 zabbix-check-disk-performance: python version 5 years ago
Christoph Hueffelmann bd8405e1bf zabbix-check-disk-performance (0.1~dev2) * Add scsi support * Bugfixes 5 years ago
Christoph Hueffelmann 7d81c73faa zabbix-check-disk-performance fixs 5 years ago
Christoph Hueffelmann 1b3558669e zabbix-check-disk-performance (0.1~dev1) xenial 5 years ago
Christoph Hueffelmann 0b8382d50d zabbix-check-disk-performance (0.1~dev1) * Initial release. 5 years ago