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Christoph Hüffelmann f64cea4cf1
Merge pull request #2 from zabbix-deb/update 11 months ago
Sebastian 426cbb3e39
remove line from /etc/sudoers which was added in previous versions 11 months ago
Sebastian 5c6d0c51ee
corrected debian/examples 11 months ago
Sebastian 3d79d0baf8
added template 11 months ago
Sebastian 84cb602959
get script was called without parameter in zabbix-agent conf 11 months ago
Sebastian e28a7eb0c7
zabbix-check-sshkey-discovery: fixed wrongly formated JSON 11 months ago
Christoph Hüffelmann 47f83dd7cc
remove line feed 11 months ago
Sebastian 5962f9cd0b Merge branch 'update' of github.com:zabbix-deb/zabbix-check-sshkey into update 11 months ago
Sebastian 31dedc50c4
zabbix-check-sshkey-discovery: check authorized_keys2 too 11 months ago
Sebastian 61b35ad629
replaced md5sum by sha512sum 11 months ago
Christoph Hüffelmann 0d3b7c2ae2
add newline at eof 11 months ago
Sebastian 910748c50b
replaced systemctl call by deb-systemd-invoke which is recommanded for maintscripts 11 months ago
Sebastian 8551fc9a90
updated changelog 11 months ago
Sebastian 60fb5a08c7
Changed/added some things: 11 months ago
Christoph Hueffelmann 05230b32c1 zabbix-check-sshkey (0.2) 12 months ago
Christoph Hueffelmann c8eb41b0e1 update compat 12 months ago
Christoph Hueffelmann 79324dd896 useless use of cat 12 months ago
Christoph Hüffelmann 391fe2b4de
Merge pull request #1 from zabbix-deb/updated_copyright 1 year ago
Sebastian 73143760b9
edited README.md 3 years ago
Sebastian 2260115d89
changed copyright 3 years ago
Sebastian 7909e1eaf0
added README.md 3 years ago
Sebastian 4416860ba6 zabbix-check-sshkey: remove for loop from getUIDs function in discovery script 5 years ago
Sebastian a60bb89f62 zabbix-check-sshkey: make root path fix, because I don't know a system where it is different 5 years ago
Sebastian da0df110af zabbix-check-sshkey: remove unnecessary homes dict 5 years ago
Sebastian f350702547 zabbix-check-sshkey: remove unnecessary os.path.isdir statement 5 years ago
Sebastian 05106d96e5 zabbix-check-sshkey: add discovery script 5 years ago
Christoph Hueffelmann 7733466e9c zabbix-check-sshkey: formatting and documentation 6 years ago
Christoph Hueffelmann 78f01a190d zabbix-check-ntp: fix headline, bugfix restart 6 years ago
Christoph Hueffelmann 088e9c9789 add: copyright 6 years ago
Christoph Hueffelmann 61c0bc509b change .gitignore add .install 7 years ago
Christoph Hueffelmann ae087f1c29 zabbix-check-sshkey (0.1~dev2) * Initial release. 7 years ago